Top 7 Do’s & Don’t of Content template updating and Scrubbing for DLT Platform

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a block-chain based registration system. As indicated by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), telemarketers need to be registered within the DLT platform.

It is being given in the public premium to control the SMS spam from different advertising firms.
Before the mass SMS suppliers were needed to enroll with TRAI. With the refreshed guidelines, whoever needs to send limited time or conditional SMS to their clients should be DLT enrolled.

Important things to follow about DLT Template Scrubbing :

I) Mismatch in Formats: Approved SMS layouts against the SMS getting created by your frameworks didn’t coordinate. A portion of the regular cases saw in format confounding were spelling blunders, Unicode characters like punctuation( ‘ ), half of the SMS layout beginning in another line… and so on.
ii) Variable Values Error: Each factor field has a constraint of 30 characters. If it goes past 30 characters, SMS gets a failure.
iii) Template Not Approved: A lot of SMS layouts were imparted to us to transfer over the VCPL Platform. Notwithstanding, similar layouts were not affirmed over the DLT foundation of the administrator and henceforth the SMSs were failed.

Below are a number of the suggestions that we might wish to offer for smooth delivery of messages Content template validations:

  1. 2 or more spaces aren’t alleged to use between 2 words, before word or afterword.
  2. All special characters (found on the keyboard) are allowed, except < and > symbols.
  3. Variable format is {#var#} which is case sensitive.
  4. Trans/Service category messages should have variables mandatorily.
  5. Promo category can have complete fixed content or with a variable part
  6. there’s no limitation within the number of variables per message.
  7. Values like amount, date, a/c no, merchant names, OTP, codes, URL, customer names, card type, etc. got to get replaced with variables.

Now that we have provided better understanding of certain requirements, let us discuss the D0’s and Don’ts for content templates.

DO’s for Content Templates:

  1. Use a promotional category for communications intended to send from numerical sender id only.
  2. Transactional category to be employed by banking enterprises only & for OTP messages during fund transfer; online payment; merchant transactions only.
  3. Service – explicit category must link consent templates also, without which the template gets rejected.
  4. Choose a relevant/recognizable name for templates
  5. Use message type as “TEXT” for all general messages & “Unicode” for regional messages.
  6. Variable {#var#} insertion to be required against values sort of a date; amount; a/c no; OTP; names; etc.
  7. Always use notepad or notepad ++ to make a template, to avoid additional spaces and invalid characters
  8. Minimum fixed character required in templates is 6 char
  9. Linking of consent templates for content template categories “promotional” & “service – explicit” is optional

DON’Ts for Content Templates:

  1. Same content template against multiple headers.
  2. Header selection against irrelevant templates
  3. Selecting the “Transactional” category by non-banking enterprises.
  4. No or invalid variable format in templates.
  5. Using double spaces in templates (this are often pre-checked by verifying the template on notepad++ before template submission)
  6. Templates with but 6 char or variable insertion alone as a template using multiple templates (eg: Dear customer {#var#}{#var#}{#var#}.)
  7. don’t use external fonts or characters aside from people who appear on the keyboard.

Please ensure Approved SMS templates should exactly match with the SMSs getting generated by your Systems.

So, request you to complete all end-to-end testing from your side before DLT gets live by the operator to avoid message failure due to DLT.

The Bottom line:

  • Keep uploading all message content on any of the operator DLT portal and have the approved template-id as a traditional practice and please share the template details with us
  • Make sure that your all-promotional templates alongside event-based, festival-based messages must be registered and approved over one among the operator’s DLT portal well beforehand before the precise event like Holi, Independence Day, Diwali, etc. eleventh hour or end moment approval might not happen from the operator’s end so it’s best to possess the concerned template approved by the operator well beforehand.

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