Hoteliers have one Primary Goal of Hotel Business. – Fill all Room Nights.

& obviously fulfil other revenue streams like conference halls, corporate events, wedding, F&B, Recreation and Entertainment etc..

So, as a marketer or Hotelier, one need to have skills to attract as many travellers as possible.

Effective marketer helps its customer to research, plan, and book their trip.

& today’s day and age it’s very important to catch travellers attention as early as possible in research stage itself.

This article will help you understand the full breadth of hotel marketing categories, giving you clear lessons and examples on how you take a major step forward & outshine your competitors, engaging prospective guests before your rivals get the chance.

Let’s understand 6 circles of hotel business before we understand how to use Instagram effectively for your Hotel.

There are 6 Circles of Hotel Business Before going on Digital:

  • The 1st circle can be on the Top 6 geographies like the other states that you can get business from in your domestic arena.
  • 2nd can be Top 6 geographies around the world like the other cities abroad
  • 3rd can be on what time are they coming, like which time of the year
  • 4th thing to consider to analyze when are they booking like 3 months prior or when
  • 5th is what packages are they choosing like 3nights 4 days or some other
  • 6th is what revenue they are generating for your business

Once you have all this data in front of you then you can map out below Instagram strategies to catch traveller’s attention!

So now that you have decided to finally plan out things that you need to consider for a Hotel, Resort, or any kind of Accommodation outlet.

Put together your marketing strategy and here’s a plan for you

Let us get started

1. Check out Your Competition : You can look at their handles and set your goals, what exactly you are looking for, however, set realistic goals.

2. Bench marking : Here you can evaluate, how you can plan to beat the competition in terms of engagement or followers and the posts that you update and other aspects.

3. Objectives & Targets : You must be certain about your objective and target which are to be reached through all these plans and strategies. Talking about targets they are generally timely and measurable

4. Your Customer – Avatar : Here you identify who your ideal customer is in terms of age group or about their choices and preference. This step is important as here you can understand the customer persona and serve accordingly.

5. Complete Profiling : At this step, you must check if the content that you are creating is working well complimenting their scope of interest with the audience that your page attracts, and the alterations can be made relatively.

You have a check over the insights of your page, audience engagement and analyze the progress, which can be the base of your next strategy.

6. Content Prisms : Categorize the content and evaluate based on the percentage distribution. Once you plan this the post can be planned and made more effective.

7. Bring it all to life : Let quality over quantity be your success mantra. Try and plan your content a week prior and schedule your posts using various tools, take your own time to plan well and execute.

The bottom Line:

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”–Andrew Davis.

As build your strategy you need to ensure that the post you plan inspires the people, educate or make them laugh, will it give them some kind of value? Post some behind the scenes of your business process or share some fun facts. Ask questions either put up some guess cards for reviews with sharing your tactical offers out.

All of these things are all around social aspects. As the people land on your page let them be wowed by your creations. Go experimenting with your feed with some standard shades and stand out from your competitors.

The business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.” –Milan Kundera
So now, If you are looking for a perfect marketing strategy and grow your hotel business,
Plan your Marketing and Innovate. Connect with us today!