How is the generation of 2022 different from the generation of 2010?

Take a minute and imagine the world we were in 12 years ago.

Facebook was still competing with MySpace for traffic, Amazon was primarily known for selling books, and iPhone had just released.

Back in those days, the way Baby Boomers shopped for products was drastically different from the way Millennials and Gen Zs shop today. Most of us still trusted brick-and-mortar stores, we didn’t have price comparison services, and we were at the mercy of large corporations for discounts.

It comes as no surprise that Millennials have officially surpassed Baby Boomers as America’s largest adult generation; soon to be followed by Gen Z.

So, what sets Millennials and Gen Zs apart, aside from their obvious age difference?

Despite claiming to be the cooler generation, Millennials aren’t trendy anymore. Gen Zs are already charging their way ahead, and though it might seem they’d be too different- that’s just not the case.

Having born in the tech era, it’s not shocking to find both the generations heavily dependent on technology to get by; Gen Zs more so having had a smartphone rather than a silver spoon in their hand from the moment they woke up. They are like the ‘LIT’ group of a High School who’s on the top of all the trends and up-to-date with the entire on-going craze.

Freshers and Gen Zs: How are they defining the workplace?

Work-Life Balance: Unlike their seniors, GenZs aren’t about ‘All work and no play’. Today, they all prefer to have a smooth work-life balance, and wouldn’t hesitate to pass up on a good opportunity if they feel their personal life is being hampered.

Flexibility & Transparency: Gone are those days when employees would hesitate to skip work in fear of being discharged or having a pay-cut. This generation believes in being flexible and transparent when it comes to their work and taking leaves. They enforce that people have a life and an emergency wouldn’t knock and enter their lives.

Tech-Smart: As already mentioned above, GenZs are quite techies, and usually prefer to work smarter than harder. So, if you feel that your employee is not working hard enough, maybe it’s time to change your outlook.

It’s not a surprise that their priorities in their work life are changing. It’s about time people move on from a rigid and suffocating work atmosphere, and experiences the joys of working in its true essence. Wanting a healthy work space and ample time to enjoy personal life is not something to condemn, but to appreciate. After all, work is meant to be cherished, not feared.