A business’s online presence, particularly a website can make or break from generating an impact on your visitor.
As you showcase your brand, it must clearly state who you are, and why considering your brand is a must.

They say, you never get a second chance to make the first impression.

Having a well-designed website can be an opportunity to create a great first impression.

Web design has come a long way, mastering it can be a tough catch.

As you create the face of the business online make sure that it’s effective, serving the core purpose.

88% of online customers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience;
Hence user experience and satisfaction are all that matters at the end of the day.

So if you have already created your business website or if you are on the verge of creating one, make sure to liberate your thoughts and create a powerful website that keeps your visitors engaged.

Some mistakes that you make, while designing a website that might sound some but it can cause a lot of damage.
Let your designing plan appeal to both factors- a website that looks goods and also that generates revenue for the business.

Fix all these problematic mistakes, hurting the conversions from the website.
So if you want to increase ROI through the website, you need to make sure your design plays its cards well.

Let us understand 7 most common web designing mistakes that can hurt your business.

1. Use of images and graphics that can hurt your user experience

They say the proof is in the pudding, so the Power of visual content cannot be underestimated.
Graphics and images draw attention and trigger emotion and build trust.
So use images that somehow support your content, and which makes it easy for the viewers to understand your message.
Also, size your images properly. Large images can affect your loading time so use common file formats to reduce bounce back.
Label the clickable images; tell people what those are linked to.
For an efficient website use of a wide range of engaging media is the catch

2. Unbalanced Font and space

Choosing an unclear font can be difficult to read.
People prefer content that is easy to read and understand. Don’t present your content in a way that looks too light or too tight.
Manage the spacing between the words or phrases well. Avoid using multiple font styles, it distracts the readers and breaks the focus.
Hence to improve readability and attention, effective use of white space is important. The white space must serve the purpose well.

3. Including anything that looks like an advertisement- don’t chase the hype

Avoid the use of images and graphics that look like banner Ads, people don’t like ads and over the years they have successfully learned to ignore them,
So don’t add any aggressive animation like flashing or blinking text, keep it clean.
Position your banners accordingly to better integrate them into your design.

4. Not answering user’s questions.

When a user visits a website, he already has questions in his mind, they are goal-driven.
These visitors then turn out to be prospective buyers.

51% of people think Clear contact information is the most important element missing from many company websites.

As the website do not answers those questions in the context of price or services, the user faces difficulty in finding the required information you lose the sale. This creates a negative impression of the site.

5. Delay in site loading

Optimize your web pages for speed, because even additional two seconds of loading time can increase your site’s bounce rate by 103%. Also, just 100 milliseconds of extra loading time can cause a 7% drop in conversion rate.
Hence determine your site’s performance.

The most common reason for a slow site can be;

  • Render-blocking Javascript
  • You’re not using Content delivery Network
  • OPcache is not enabled
  • Having too many plugins or even using the heavy ones and delay the site loading, some plugins also cause a problem with the catching of your site pages.

So figure out why your website is lagging, it will, in turn, improve your SEO rankings and also enhance UX (user experience)

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6. The user can’t find relevant information

If your website aims to provide some information to the viewers but it is unplanned and scattered throughout the website and is difficult to navigate, your readers might not turn up to your site again.
Content hierarchy is the key, pick a correct spot for the content to reflect well and create an impact.
Add links to the reference pages for the convenience of the readers.
Nearly 8 in 10 customers would stop engaging with the content that doesn’t display well on their device.

7. You skip analysing reports of your website’s performance.

How often will you look for the report with regards to your website performance?
As you determine the goal of your site, also consider which the underperforming content is.

They say a stitch in time saves nine.

So Track and analyse your website and if there is a scope for improvement, also don’t hesitate to start from scratch if required.
Make sure to fix issues in time before you lose your potential customers.
Adapt to the changing environment to stay competitive and get ahead.


It’s obvious that no one sets out to create a poorly designed website, so there will always be a scope for revamping, one more piece of content to be edited, one more navigational category to be determined, or one more form field to be fixed.

Just Offer a crystal clear message to the right audience.

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And also share with us if you are guilty of any of the designing mistakes’