Are you managing education institutes or consultancy in higher or abroad education?

Here is a fact for you.

30% of the Indian population of India is amongst 0-14 yrs now so, you can imagine the need to accept digital marketing strategy today is an all-time high.

The face of education has seen a drastic shift in the past couple of years due to internet penetration and pandemic accelerated digital innovation in the education system globally including, India.

So before it’s too late, let’s understand 5 Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Education Institute or consultancy

1. Build Community
Community is the best way to create trust and faith in education institutes or consultancy.

The community enables members to ask their questions and feel like they are part of the tribe. They can learn what are the current trends and also they can learn from others’ problems as well.

This is the gem of marketing strategy and very few understood the power of community building.

You can use community platforms like Facebook or you can build your own community platform on a web/mobile app.

2. Instagram Reels
Today’s young generation wants to consume which is like fast food. Short & quick. There is a huge consumption of such types of content.

So it is very important to use Instagram reels for the students to solve their problems.

Let’s say you are an institute that is teaching How to clear IAS in India. Then give answers to all aspirants in the Instagram reels and you will get amazing followers on a channel that leads to your customers.

For e.g.

3. Social Media
You need to be active where your students are active. And your students are active on social media.

So, use social media as a tool to be with your students.

Build a friendly brand on social media. They should feel like communicating with you as a friend. The more they communicate more they tend to buy the course from you.

For e.g.

4. Forums
Forum is the best tool to answer all the questions of the syllabus.

Students are hungry for questions and answers. Either they want to learn from the same or they want answers to their questions as early as possible.

And forums are the best place where they get help from fellow students.

They will do their job, you just need to build a forum for them.

for e.g. is the best forum for CAT aspirants. Now they have expanded forums for other courses as well.

5. Facebook/Instagram Ads
Since all the students their parents are there on social media then Facebook and Instagram are the best places to run the ads for admissions or webinars to gather attention.

Apart from that Facebook and Instagram collected so much data of these youngsters that it’s easy to target as per their interest in the course.

Also the CPC, CPL is also low as compare to other media platforms. This makes Facebook and Instagram an ideal place to run ads.

for e.g. Check all the Facebook ad copies of IDP India

Hope that these 5 tips will help you to create a perfect education brand on digital mediums.

Not only that, we would like to give these 2 bonus tips which will skyrocket your digital strategy.

2 Bonus Tips

1. Create Contests (Gamification): Students like to be part of the contest and win. This will create so much buzz within students.
for e.g.

2. Building Testimonials: There are so many micro-influencers that can minimize the consideration to the decision phase.
For e.g.

So, use these tips and build an amazing digital marketing strategy for your education institute or consultancy.

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