According to a study by Assocham, in India, real estate companies spend nearly Rs. Rs 200 million per year in marketing and advertising, 25% -30% of these expenses are spent directly on digital marketing

So, Real estate developers needs checklist to hire a marketing agency for branding & lead generation.

Anywhere in India, the one market that is always high in demand is Real Estate Market. Because Indians feel safe to invest in real estate so that they earn very good ROI in the long term.

So, this is the primary reason Real Estate Developers or channel partners, or even small real estate agents are always hungry for leads.

And hence they always want to hire Real Estate marketing Agencies.

Before understanding the checklist let’s understand how homes are getting purchased in a typical Indian scenario.

Step1: Awareness: Builders or Developers do ATL/BTL of the property through hoardings/newspapers/pamphlets/ radio/ TV or even through Digital media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, etc., or third party listing portals like 99acers,,, etc.

Step2: Lead Generation: Then once buyers are aware of the property then they put their enquiry by either calling or giving their number on these websites.

Step3: Site Visit: Once the lead is generated then Telecaller fixes the appointment for physical site visits with the sales representative.

Booking Amount: And now if they like the property as per their need then they give booking amount / EOI in the same or next visit.

In the above typical real estate purchase lifecycle actually, a digital marketing agency comes in only the first 2 steps. And those are Awareness & Lead Generation. Rest 2 steps are part of the offline sales process.

Since, we understood that where digital marketing agency will play a major role then let’s jump into the checklist of hiring a very good agency.

1. An agency that can Position your Property
Agency should understand property categorization and position it perfectly. So, here let’s take the example of the Mumbai market.
Budget: Ticket size of such property fall under 35L
Aspirational: This category has ticket size is between 1.2 cr to 1.5 cr
Luxury: Ticket size in this category is more than 2 cr+

2. The agency which can Craft Perfect Marketing Message
So, as per the category agency should craft a marketing message which appeals to buyers.
a. Budget property Buyers need to have a marketing message which is very easy to purchase a property like EMI on 9999 or pay only 25K and book your dream home etc. So, the marketing message needs to revolve around EASINESS.
b. Aspirational property Buyers want a property that is suitable for the entire family. This means the wife can join classes to pursue her passion, parents can take a walk in the garden within the property or children can enjoy the swimming pool. Etc. So, the marketing message needs to revolve around FAMILY
c. Luxurious Buyers needs everything exclusive. Like only elite and high class, buyers can afford the house. They are not price-conscious. So, the marketing message needs to revolve around EXCLUSIVITY

3. The agency which is very good in Google & Facebook, Instagram
Agencies that are good at the above 2 checkpoints along with a very good understanding of Google Adwords and social media ads are the best agencies to go with.
They should have perfect knowledge of targeting, keywords, A/B testing of ads & KPIs tracking to optimize the ad campaigns.

4. The agency which understands CRM & Automation
Agencies should understand automation. This means if there is a delay to call leads for their requirements then leads can get cold. So, lead contact time needs to be very minimal.
The ideal time to contact the lead is once they enter the lead. So this needs a very good understanding of automation & CRM integration so that leads remain fresh and can increase the site visits.

5. The agency which is good in Structuring Landing Page
Agency should understand the structure of the landing page/microsite. Every detail of the page needs to be made only for capturing the lead.
Generally landing page is divided into 4 sections. Attention, Interest, Desire & Action. These 4 parameters need to structure well on the landing page and at least 7-8 lead magnets need to present on the page to capture the lead data.
Hope you understand the most important tips. Now let us give you 2 Bonus Tips so that your agency choice will be perfect for your real estate lead generation campaigns.

2 Bonus Tips…

6. Agency with a hold on Regional Language
Sometimes depend on the area or buyer’s personas if communication language needs to be regional then the agency needs to have hold of the same.
E.g. in Mumbai Marathi and Gujarati are primary buyers in a certain area like Kandivali or Ghatkopar etc. That will give additional push to the campaigns.

7. The agency which understands Lead Nurturing
Once the lead is generated doesn’t mean that the agency role is over. Generated leads need to get nurture for at least 20-30 days since buying cycle of property purchase is long.

Agencies should nurture the leads on SMS, emails, Whatsapp, or retargeting on the internet for at least 30 days to keep lead hot for the property.

Hope, this checklist will help you to hire best real estate digital marketing agency for your property.

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