The Best SMS Marketing Company In Mumbai

“Hirenbhai, I want to start Lead Generation for one of my project in thane tomorrow”
One client (Real Estate CP) asked me on WhatsApp.

I replied,
“Great sir, please send me brochure and other details so that I can pass it to the team to start work🙂.”

I added,
“Sir, don’t you want to do SMS Marketing as well? it’s a quickest way to generate leads and we are the most genuine and best SMS service provider in Mumbai”

He replied,
“No sir, I am buying SMS from Lucknow. I tried more than 10 companies in Mumbai but all seems to be cheater”

I was shocked and speechless. I thought like “Kya answer karu isko!”

But then I added, “Sir, we are most genuine SMS provider and best SMS marketing company in Mumbai. Try over service once, you won’t be disappointed.”

He replied,
“Kya guarantee he!”

I said,
“Do one thing. Buy only 1 lac SMS now. Use it. When sending this 1 lac SMS, add around 100 numbers of your people randomly. If those numbers are active and without any problem, they all should get SMS from our system. And if that does not happen, I will refund you full amount without cutting any charges! Happy?”

He said Ok. He quickly did payment for 1 Lac SMS and our support team has created his account and given him demo.

Next day in the evening, he messaged me again, “Bhai, I want to buy 25 Lacs SMS. This is so far the best SMS Panel and delivery I have ever used🙂”

I said, “Thank you for trusting us Sirji, I am asking sales team to do needful🙂”

“Quality is not an act, it’s a habit.
Sooner or Later, Clients will realize this & you will win if you are genuine and honest🙂”

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