GeoFencing Marketing

Geofencing refers to a digital marketing services location as a tool that allows transmitting content or advertisements web users on their present\ongoing location. It allows you to serve display ads and target people in very specific areas.

The power of Geofencing advertisement is important for a company and a perfect formula to target your local audience or customer in a specific location using GPS AND RFID technology. This solution can escalate awareness and can bring shoppers mindset to light which can ultimately balance your business sales approach for substantial growth in upcoming years.

Geofencing avails your new business opportunities by sending consumers a special offer in a specific store which will help you to understand consumer behaviors more accurately.

We look forward to providing you the right inbound Geofencing marketing services that fit your needs. Attract your ideal audience with your supreme accuracy, proficiency, and affordability.

Geofencing Advertising
Why you should use inbound?

Geo-Fencing is like simply dropping a pin to a very exact location. This helps you to target users who are within a certain distance of exactly where the pin falls.

By using Mobile Geo-Targeting, you can start targeting users who have visited specific places, and then we can target those who clicked on one of your ads.

  • 100% guaranteed views of your advertisement from a targeted live geographical location on Smartphone or laptop users
  • Most cost-effective than any traditional way of marketing
  • Most advance targeting while showing advertisement; banking apps, finance apps, health-related apps, entertainment app, Facebook posts, etc.
GeoFencing Marketing
Why Better Than Pamphlet Distribution Or Any Other Traditional Marketing?
  • Secondly, there is always a question of visibility, as per the survey, 80% of people throw the pamphlet without even seeing it.
  • Apart from this, a paper distributor is lazy enough to not distribute the pamphlet and you still pay for it as you don’t have any proof.
  • In inbound, we give you statistical proofs and committed viewership. Hence it is 100 times a better and cost-effective approach.

At Innovator Web Solutions, we see great potential in Hyperlocal ads to place your product or service in the hands of the right audience at the right time–no matter where they are. And that’s just the start.

Hyperlocal Targeting helps you to effectively hit your target market based on real-time location data.

We want to move the business forward. Feel free to contact us and collectively let’s create an interesting project