Integrated Digital Marketing

At Innovator we strive to serve our partner’s digital marketing requirements with a 360 degree perspective. Our holistic integrated marketing solutions provide all round services to provide end-to-end qualitative innovations best suited to your unique marketing requirements.

From winning web design to SEO and hashtag marketing, Innovator’s Integrated Digital marketing covers everything required to cement your brand’s online presence.

Integrated consumer experience and strong brand image, holistic view of digital marketing. Working with email marketing, there are many ways in which Innovator can capitalise new changes into your digital marketing strategy. Bringing the best email marketing solutions to your all round digital marketing strategy can transform the amount of engagement

When integrated with digital marketing, social marketing can be brought to bring the new products including InnOvator’s Cursela. Innovator brings new configurations of design and content to appeal to your target demographic most impactfully. Our marketing fronts have revealed instant and meritorious results. KPIs we monitor at Innovator include volume detection, follower counts, impressions, we traffic, clicks, likes, shares, mentions, lead conversion rate etc.

We operate social listening techniques which involve social monitoring and social analysis.

We take into account the number of brand mentions, estimated social media reach of your hash tags, mentions about your competitors, and other social media interactions. We control your media interactions to generate positive lead growth for your organisation’s online social media presence.

We consider the technicality behind your strategy, your vision and your growth. Our integrated Marketing solutions range from setting up your own website, to design elements, building up a social media presence for your organisation and much more.

We offer round-the-clock technical and creative support for boosting your brand into the spotlight and driving up visibility. Our integrated marketing strategies and solutions help you unlock your brands all round digital presence.

We take care of everything from how interactive your website is to what and how you should post on your social media handles to get the right traction and momentum going. Innovator keeps it simple, by holistically managing your marketing requirements.

Why do you need Integrating Marketing Communications? Simply because it’s integral in this digital age to streamline a company’s communications and deliver a clear and consistent front. Integrated Marketing ensures that all your marketing resources and approaches are amalgamated to maximise impact at minimum cost.

Innovator uses several approaches to capitalise on delivering the right message across, at the right place and time, by providing innovative and creative web solutions as well as holistic and comprehensive social media regiment.

Innovator presents you with smart, effective and INTEGRATED marketing solutions for any and all of your enterprise’s needs.