PPC & Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process to create awareness and generate interest in the potential audience through standardized marketing programs. This process results in assured high quality lead to set foot in your sales funnel.

The purpose of lead generation service is to get quality leads that will ultimately generate profit once converted into sales. Lead generation results in filling the sales pipeline with good leads and ensures that the business triumph high sales conversion.

Optimize your business sales and essentially manage client relationships through our powerful and effective lead generating campaigns.

Our successful lead generation service comprises of comprehensive efforts and accurate strategies for our clients, we have an excellent record of providing valuable leads that turn to sales and help the company flourish.

How We Implement Our Lead Generation Services
Take a glance at how we implement a lead generation plan
  • Research & analyze the marketplace for your product and your competitors.
  • Pick the correct audience.
  • Choose multi-channels for promotion.
  • Create engaging content.
  • Create artistic impressionable ads.
  • Create compelling Landing Pages.
  • Execute the campaign with precise targeting.
  • Manage the campaign performance with continuous optimization.
  • Retarget the audience through alternate channels
A Powerful Lead Generation Strategy
Our strategy

A powerful lead generation strategy is the execution of an efficient and profitable selling system. An uphill climb is to compel a satisfactory supply of quality prospects at its earliest.

In simple terms, there are 4 stages of the journey. That if applied the right way can produce exponential results.

As a means to compose the right message, we know our audience inside out. Meaningful and logical messaging is essential for successful brand communication .we deliver the right message, a message that offers value, to the audience, and inclined to drive brand awareness, engagement, and loyalty.

You might have the most creatively appealing online store with easy access and user interface, the good quality products accompanied by top-notch customer services. But do you think it will help you get prospects and sales? None of these matters if you are not reaching and intriguing the right audience for your brand.

Customers today frequently receive marketing messages and advertisements. Cutting through the clutter ensures you provide the most relevant message at the right time.

As and when the right audience is been identified, we use an integrated marketing plan to target customers. Today consumers as many options to research and purchase, accordingly we continually strive to provide a seamless experience for the customer, anyway, or anyhow they will interact with your brand.

Our right message to the right audience at the right time through the right platform/ channel is the next wave of innovation to change the way to acquire and connect with consumers. Our strategy is ready to keep up.

We Focus On The Following Metrics:
Features we provide

Quality Leads :
We provide you qualified and quality leads which are an essential part of a great lead generation program. The four pillars of quality lead we consider to be foremost important.

In Depth :
A lead is a cluster of relevant data points regarding a customer it’s not only name and phone number but also the demographics, firmographics, buying signals, and contact information.

Accurate :
Accuracy in the data points allows your team to allocate time and resources to potential customers with the highest probability for high sales conversion rates.

Reliability :
Our service emphasis on the underlying motivation of lead generation and not on lead volume solely. We believe or our goal is to align with your overall business process.

Reduced Cost Per Lead :
We specialize in online lead generation services and we can mitigate the cost per lead through several methods. By reducing cost per lead through serving relevant quality ads, eliminating spend on by behavior-based targeting we can acquire new high-quality leads and boost the ROI.

Easy Accessible CRM System To Manage Your Business Leads
Increased sales and revenue

CRM stands for customer relationship management. To stay connected and restore data and information about the customer’s companies use a system or software. Our CRM software CUSRELA is a complete lead Management System that performs several tasks as follows:

  • Track your Daily teamwork summary
  • Never lose Follow-ups
  • Strategize your product marketing in real-time
  • Remarket old leads by SMS & Email
  • Super Flexible CRM
  • Easy to use than Excel
  • Saves time and gives better Results


Why Us
Why choose innOvator web solutions

Unlike other lead generation firms, we apply our experience to lead generation and help you get more valuable genuine leads that translate to sales.

  • Our team of dedicated and experienced practitioners will support you in many ways, not just one.
  • Our lead generation is used by insurance companies, real estate firms, the education sector, and travel among others.
  • With innOvator web solution lead generation, you are guaranteed to see improved ROI, get leads that are ready to sell, valid and observable.
  • Modify the lead generation approach as per your business agendas.
  • Proper plan as per your company
  • Timely reporting and refine the strategy as per your investment results

We act as a company partner, aligning digital strategy with implementation and providing products across main pillars of digital space development, marketing & technology.