Missed Call Alert

Missed Call Alert

Missed Call" is a novel administration wherein the guest just gives a missed call to a committed number to enroll his or her eagerness to subscribe for the administration (or other particular aims).

In a cost cognizant nation like India individuals are hesitant to try and burn through 50 paisa on a call in the event that they have questions in their psyche. Missed call numbers are ordinary 1800 Numbers or 10-digit virtual numbers, which permit organizations to catch client leads without being charged like a toll free number and giving their clients to contact them a chance to free of cost just by giving a missed call.

Missed call numbers are additionally exceptionally prominent for advertising effort where in a brief span immense number of calls are normal e.g. Radio advertisements, News paper promotions and so forth. The missed call administration can be generally utilized for lead era, get back to administration, voting and portable confirmation by only a missed call.

Features Missed Call Alert
  • Activation In 1 Hour
  • Black List
  • White List
  • Call Back Request
  • Real Time Call Logs
  • Geographic Routing
  • Geographic Barring
  • Set Working Hours
  • & More
Benefits Missed Call Alert

Lead Generation - Lead generation becomes quite simpler by miss-call service than other medium; you just add your miss-call number to your advertisements campaign. Some sample is as follows

" Miss-call to 9XXXXXXXXX Get Discount "

" Miss-call to 9XXXXXXXXX & we will call you "

" Miss-call to 9XXXXXXXXX for today´s offer "

As you got miss-call, our system will start process as per your configuration, for example, you configured " Connect to agent " system with automatic call connection to all ( or one) agents and as the call is picked-up by anyone then other calls will be dropped and system will call to miss caller and connect with your agent. It reduces your call back time and enhances your sales leads.

Support “replacement of Toll-Free”

Missed Call Number Service could be a good replacement of toll free number mainly because of the following reasons :

  • High billing of each incoming call.
  • Hold time increases billing to organization.
  • Hold time irritates most of clients because client doesn´t know exact time to hold And advantage of toll-free is Free of cost for client. To replace this system we need to design a system to overcome drawbacks and carry advantage. So, replace it by Miscall service to call back service, our statements to client are “Need support miscall at XXXXXXXXXX and we call you back ".
  • Solution to Cost issue: It reduces cost to organization because there is no hold time and system use low-cost outgoing calling rates.
  • Free For client: Beauty of miscall service is that it´s free for client as per toll-free.
  • Hold Time issue: If you setup auto call back then system is connecting support seeker to your free support agent. If all agents are busy then system put support seeker in support queue and update to client expect call back time via SMS, WhatsApp or System generated call back for Landline callers. If you setup manual, then system pass support seeking number to your support agent.
  • & many more benefits of Missed Call Service.
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