Cassandra DBA

Job Category: Web Developer
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Malad (W)

Job Description:

1. Cassandra cluster planning which includes Data sizing estimation, and identify hardware
requirements based on the estimated data size and transaction volume.
2. Create, install, and configure a Cassandra cluster
3. Use tools to monitor cluster availability and performance
4. Export data into different data formats
5. Use primary index and secondary indexes correctly to perform queries on data
6. Backup and restore data to secure the system in the event of failure
7. Tune the performance of Java Virtual Machine (JVM), caches, and compaction
8. Conduct a stress test on a Cassandra cluster and interpret the performance results
9. Cassandra Data Modelling, NoSQL Architecture, Keyspace, Table, Index creation, User creation &
access administration.
10. Administration, Maintenance and supporting of the cluster using Opscenter, Devcenter, Linux, Spark
11. CQL Queries to support Integration with Cassandra Cluster

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