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Worldwide 50% of viewers are streaming more live videos than a previous year as per the report in 2021. For example, in the sports sector, viewers live streamed the sports games or due to pandemic entire education system globally moved on online classes. Not only that, there is a huge surge in OTT platform subscribers in recent times.

Since customers are now more comfortable with Live Streaming, it has become more integral channel for brands to make deep connection with consumers.

With innovators web solutions broadcast over a live streaming platform with zero latency and zero buffering OR Create your Subscription Video On Demand service.

Live streaming isn’t equivalent to Subscription video on Demand (SVOD).

With Live Streaming, the video is broadcasted in real-time over the internet from one source to hundreds or thousands of viewers. They watch the video at the same moment you create it — no filters or edits.

With Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD), the video file is sent over the web from remote storage location. Its similar like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime and all your other most loved OTT platforms.

Innovator Web Solutions can help you below streaming types as per your business needs.

Streaming types

1. Live video monitoring

Combine real-time streaming with proper delivery. Uninterrupted Real-Time Monitoring Tackle your mission-critical initiatives by combining low-latency delivery with reliable 24/7 continuity.

2. OTT Streaming

Reach your potential audiences on every device. Broadcast high-quality content to global audiences with a live-to-VOD solution. Leverage near-real-time visibility into usage and viewership to optimize the end-user experience.

3. Interactive live stream

Boost audience engagement with live communicating experiences. Deliver reliable, lightning-fast streams that allow viewers to directly guide the content in real-time.

4. Low Latency

With a wide variety of features, projects, and protocol-compatibilities, there’s a low-latency solution whether you’re broadcasting with Innovator web solutions. Streaming Engine can get your streams from camera to screen with unmatched speed, reliability, quality, and resiliency.

5. Video on demand

Extend your audience reach by streaming pre-recorded players on any device, over any conventions, from one set of source files.

Your Business needs below streaming capabilities to give seamless experience to your users.

Streaming Capabilities

1. Playback and devices : Deliver improved viewing control for the best experience possible.

2. Security : Extend content security to every step of the work

3. Captions : Integrate close captioning into your streams to clip more viewers.

4. Live video apps : Take your app or service to the succeeding level with live videos

5. Audio only Broadcast live video anywhere and develop your reach

Innovator Web Solutions can help you in various business verticals with powerful streaming services for your next big idea.

Applicable To Various Industries

1. Broadcast and media

Broadcast video through streaming solutions that can be designed to perform live or on-demand basis or combined.

2. Education and e-learning

Capture your Lectures Record your video and save it automatically in a secure and searchable video library. We ensure smooth recording regardless of the device you use. And also avail other services like one-to-one tutoring, flipped classroom and you can also schedule your training.

3. Film makers and enterprise

Manage & stream content worldwide with a power-packed movie streaming platform

Portion the reach of content based on geographical locations, devices, viewed minutes, traffic source, & more through a perceptive analytical dashboard. Flourish your pursuit with evident enterprise video streaming possibilities.

4. Fitness

Enable your viewers to get fit without the hassle of commuting, based on their schedule and budget. Qualify accountability and customized workouts through our services like flexible fitness video platform.

With an online fitness streaming platform now launch your training sessions, live classes, also schedule your classes with fitness video coaches.

5. Sports

Video on Demand or Live Streaming played experts the game in creating websites that host on-demand and live-streaming facilities both on their own or combined

6. YouTubers

Get complete control of your content & expand your audience reach worldwide
Secure your vlogs and video collections with end-to-end AES encryption and DRM to make sure your content stays protected against pirates and hackers.

Develop the global distribution networks to increase your content’s reach worldwide and easily reach out to your subscribers overseas.

Connect us to for your streaming platform requirements and how we can help you to build your next business idea.