Advertising Copy

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Effective advertising copy will help you extend your potential leads and eventually your sales.

Claude Hopkins a famous advertising pioneer defines advertising as “salesmanship in print.”

The attention span of your audience is less than 7 sec and hence the most important rule of advertising is renowned the reality that most people are way too busy and interest deprived to read any company’s advertising.

What is advertising copy?

Advertising copy is textual content of a print, radio, or TV advertising message that targets at catching and conserving the interest of the potential buyer, and to drive them to a business effect and action.

Why do I need an effective advertising copy?

To gain brand awareness and potential sales leads, successful advertising copy will help you extend your reach and eventually your business.

The below methods targeted will show you how to boost the most effective advertising sales copy for each of these 4 elements.

The headline is the most necessary component of any print ad.An ad headline can also be a single word or two hundred words, however, all headlines need to have one—and solely one—purpose. Make the prospective audience read the rest of your advertising copy.

The subheads in your ad or different marketing deliverables are lines of bold-faced textual content that communicates the other necessary advantages of your company’s product, its secondary benefits.

Ad body
Whether long or short, the body copy of your ad communicates your products primary sales benefits. In long-form, advertising body copy can inform a whole sale story about a product, or in brief form. A reader will take the action you desire by reading content that resonates his untold pain/desire.

Call the action
Your ad’s copy to a call to action tells your readers what they have to do next. It also answers and most likely questions your reader must have about your company’s product or service.

As advertisement copy explains the main idea of the advertisement it is foremost important and has a leading role in an effective advertisement campaign.

We carefully draft your copy which creates interest, call attention and invoke desire and lead to the action of purchasing the intended product or services.

Our motive is to inform, persuade and/or remind customers about your brand or product.